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A funeral home is aptly named. When you think of a home, you think of a place of comfort and family. That is exactly how we feel about Mountain View Funeral Home. We are a place where you can find comfort, support, and yes, a family of sorts to help you through the death of a loved one.

Many people only think of a funeral home as a place that helps with making funeral arrangements such as planning a funeral, selecting a casket, or opting for cremation. While that is all true, our purpose at Mountain View Funeral Home is so much greater.

You see, our funeral home truly is dedicated to making sure your needs and the wishes of your loved one are carefully and personally taken care of. We know there are many responsibilities involved when planning a funeral. We also understand that, during a time of grieving, it is not always possible to think of everything. So, part of what we do is walk alongside you to make sure every last detail is in place. Since our funeral home can take care of all of your needs on site, there is no reason to run around to get everything done. We help you think of all the little things, from how to accommodate out-of-town guests to what music to play at a memorial service. Our goal is to ease your burden during this difficult time.

We also know that the loss of a loved one can cause a wide range of emotions among family members. We take care to be there for you, too, as you go through the grieving process. Whatever you are feeling, we understand. Our staff and licensed funeral directors are known for their care and compassion. We do all we can to help you honor your loved one while supporting you and your family.

Lastly, our mission is to make sure that you have many options available to you at a price you can afford. Planning final arrangements can be costly, but our funeral home staff will be there to help you make choices that fit within your budget.

When choosing a funeral home, you have so much to consider. When you’ve just lost a loved one, it is even more challenging to find a funeral home that you feel you can trust. Mountain View Funeral Home is a place where you can feel at home. We want you to feel welcomed, supported, and cared for.

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