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Funeral Homes | Accreditation

funeral homesNot all funeral homes are created equal. This statement seems obvious on the surface, but many people don’t know why that is true. Often times, people’s only interaction with a funeral home is during the planning stages of someone’s funeral, when grief and stress can be at an all-time high. Getting to know a little about funeral homes and how they operate before you need their services can help you choose the right one when the time comes.

One of the major things to look for is accreditations. What nationally and state associations have recognized the funeral home? There is usually one or two state associations that a funeral home can belong to, and several national and international associations. We here at Mountain View Funeral Home belong to several, including:

AFCCA: The Arizona Funeral, Cemetery, and Cremation Association. It was created to promote education and high ethical standards throughout the funeral industry in the state. The association also advocates on behalf of families and professionals involved in the industry. It is also a part of the larger IFCCA, which is the international version of this association.

CANA: The Cremation Association of North America was founded in 1913 to help promote cremation as a safer and more hygienic way of dealing with the deceased. Now that it is common knowledge, CANA works to promote the etiquettes of cremation amongst funeral directors internationally.

NFDA: The National Funeral Directors Association is one of the world’s leading funeral service associations. Their primary goal is to be a strong resource in helping funeral directors provide the utmost care to families of the deceased with dignity and respect.

All of these associations, while serving different purposes, all have the same main goal in mind: to make the funeral process as easy to deal with as possible for the family. Here at Mountain View Funeral Home, we strive to make your experience as comforting and stress-free as possible. We joined these associations because they share in our goals and beliefs.

But membership in these affiliations are only one measure of who we are at Mountain View Funeral Home. We strive to provide the utmost in caring and compassionate attention, as well as a wide selection of products and services. When it comes to funeral homes, we understand your needs and do our very best to meet them.

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