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Funeral Homes | Holiday Remembrances

funeral homesFuneral homes are typically only seen as places where funeral arrangements are made. While this is certainly true, funeral homes can offer so much more to those who need help when losing a loved one.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, we have a great understanding of how hard it is when someone we love passes away. That is why we do everything possible to provide assistance and services to make this time easier for family and friends. Even when it’s been a while since the loved one departed, we still want to be there to support those who need extra support.

Regardless of how long it has been, the thought of not having a loved one around at holiday time can bring up many emotions. It can be tough to find joy when you are missing someone you love. But, it is still possible to remember your loved one and include their memory as part of your celebration. According to the website, What’s Your Grief, here are some special ways you can honor them during the holidays:

  1. Display old photo albums in a location accessible to holiday visitors. People can’t resist a well-placed photo album. Before you know it you’ll be reminiscing and telling stories with family and friends.
  2. Get out the old home videos. Yes you may get emotional, but it also might be comforting to see your loved one up on the TV screen. Again, it’s a great opportunity for story telling and reminiscing…you may also end up in stitches over the ridiculous outfit you wore to Thanksgiving in ’01.
  3. After a loss it can be hard to part with your loved ones belongings. The holidays present the perfect opportunity to give away some of these things, especially if you are someone who always wants to make sure that old treasures go to good homes. Wrap up a few of your loved one’s old things and give them to family and friends who will appreciate them. Write a card letting the recipient of the gift know why you chose to give them this particular item….they will adore the gift and the sentiment.
  4. Create a special place for people to write down memories. Put out a marker and paper or plain wooden ornaments. Friends and family can hang the ornaments or leave the memories in an old stocking or empty gift box. When everyone is gathered together, read the memories aloud.
  5. Donate to a cause in your loved ones name. Try and choose a charity your loved one would have supported. During the holidays, churches and places of worship, local food pantries, homeless shelters, soldiers and their families, nursing homes, and ‘Toys for Tots’ are all very active.
  6. When you see a gift your loved one would have liked, go ahead and buy it. Donate it to a charity or give it to someone as gift.
  7. Light a candle in honor of your loved one. Leave it burning during days when you think you’ll miss them the most.

No matter how you choose to remember your loved ones during the holidays, we believe it is healing to include them in some special way. They will always be a part of your life and you need to continue living your life as they would want you to.

And, as always, if there is anything we can ever do to assist you, our staff at Mountain View is here to help.

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