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Funeral Insurance Options

funeral insuranceMaking your own funeral arrangements is not on the top of everyone’s to-do list. But, what many people don’t realize is when a loved one passes on, the family is struggling with strong emotions and may not be able to make the arrangements. Pre-paying for your funeral or purchasing funeral insurance could make this difficult time a little bit easier for your family and friends.

Various Options

Funeral insurance can be purchased in several different ways. Some people might choose a life insurance plan with a family member named as the beneficiary who will then be responsible for funeral costs. Another way is to purchase an insurance plan with the funeral home named as the beneficiary and the funds will be used to pay for caskets, burial plot, and other arrangements. A third way to pre-pay funeral arrangements is with a pre-need contract with the funeral home. These types of contracts could cover the embalming or cremation, casket or urn, grave marker, burial plot, flowers and funeral cars. The most important aspect is that the arrangements are made ahead of time and the family is not left making difficult decisions and faced with large funeral expenses. Mountain View Funeral Home can help explain the pros and cons of purchasing funeral insurance or creating pre-pay funeral arrangements.

What About Costs?

People often wonder how they can predict the cost of a funeral that could be many years in the future. With funeral insurance or a pre-need contract, the funds can be placed in a trust and the amount of the funeral is locked in. Using this type of plan will help ensure the family can concentrate on other more important matters instead of trying to determine what their loved one wanted for the funeral and how to pay for it. Scheduling a complimentary and confidential consultation with Mountain View Funeral Home is a great way to find the answers to all of your questions and help you plan for the future.

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