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Funeral Options | Customization

Funeral OptionsCreating a service that will help mourners remember what is special and unique about their loved one can be one of the more challenging aspects of a funeral service.  It may feel like a lot of pressure is on you as the planner to make sure everything is “just so” and really represents the dearly departed. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we work closely with families to offer unique funeral options to fit every style, personality and background.

Memorial Photos and Videos

Everyone has  special memories of a loved one who has  passed,  and a visual trigger such as a photo or video snippet can really help you remember all of the wonderful times that  you enjoyed together. Simply the process of gathering together special family photos can be quite cathartic, as it gives  you all the opportunity to  look in places you may not have been lately to find albums and take  the time to go through them together.  Even better, after the service you’ll be able to offer a set of photos and videos to any family member who would like one, creating a unique remembrance video that will be enjoyed for years.

Flying to the Heavens

One of the most  moving and memorable funeral options is having a release of white doves at the graveside. This last tribute to the dearly departed signifies love, peace, innocence, hope and the Holy Spirit and can be incredibly soothing to families in their grief. The feeling of hope that comes with the flight of the stunning birds can continue throughout the difficult days and weeks to  come.

Personalized Flowers

Crafting an ideal bouquet of meaningful flowers can be challenging. Learn more about the meaning of various flowers in our recent blog post. If you’re running short on time or are from out of town,  our friendly Concierge Services team can help you find just the right florist, caterer or even help with transportation needs.

Even if you just need ideas to make a memorial service memorable, our friendly and caring staff are always available to help you with these meaningful decisions. Contact Mountain View Funeral Home and  Cemetery today to  learn more.

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