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Funeral Options When You Pre-Plan

funeral optionsWhile no one really wants to think about a time when they will no longer be on this Earth, it is a reality of life that we will all have a funeral at some point. When you take the time to pre-plan your funeral options, you’re really giving the gift of peace of mind to your family as they will not be forced to think through your preferences at a difficult and emotional time. This is especially true if you feel strongly about a specific aspect of your funeral, such as cremation versus burial or where you will be laid to rest. Truly, you should not wait until you are “older” or until some specific life-event occurs before you think about the funeral options available for your final rest.

First Things First

The primary choice you will need to make that will drive your other funeral options, is to determine where you would like your remains after you pass. Even if you choose cremation, you can still have your ashes buried inside the urn, or stored in a memorial columbarium or cremation bench. There are even bronze cremorials that offer a beautiful alternative that offer your loved ones a way to visit with you after your passing.

Viewing or Visitation

Determining whether to have a viewing is an intensely personal decision. While for some families, it is a given that a viewing is part of the memorial service, others do not feel as strongly about this particular funeral option. Make sure you consider the comfort of your family members and friends as well as your personal beliefs when you make this decision.

Music and Ceremony

One of the most powerful and moving funeral options that you can select is the music that you decide to play at your memorial service. Music is incredibly evocative, and can bring back memories for guests. While there are traditional choices, don’t feel limited–instead, make your service as personal as possible so your guests will feel as though they are still in your presence.

Deciding to begin planning and actually selecting funeral options can be a tough emotional decision to get through, and may even be one that you revisit several times during your life as your preferences and needs change. Starting early will help you have the challenging decisions out of the way or at least cleanly mapped out in the case of an accident or unexpected illness. When you’re ready, the professionals at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery are ready to help you as you select the funeral options that are right for you and for your family.

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