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Funeral Service for Law Enforcement

funeral serviceAt Mountain View Funeral Home, we understand the funeral service protocols required for law enforcement professionals. We know the significance of a proper ceremony and burial. We want the event to show the highest honor for the deceased’s contribution to their department and community.

When planning a funeral service for a member of law enforcement, it may be helpful to form a temporary committee with whom the deceased worked with regularly. This committee can help decide who should speak at the funeral/burial, and be part of the ceremony in other ways. This committee is also essential in organizing parking at the funeral/church/gravesite, along with catering and outdoor bathroom facilities that are often needed for a full public military ceremony.

There are different designated categories that honor law enforcement professional by rank for a funeral service. These include:

  • Category 1 – This is a full, military ceremonial honors reserved for sworn officials (and reserve officers) who were killed in the line of duty. It is done in accordance with the family’s faith. It includes a graveside ceremony that incorporates dignitaries and attendees. It is a public event that takes the most time to coordinate and execute.
  • Category 2 – Death of a law enforcement professional in any other manner.
  • Category 3 – Death of a civilian employee.
  • Category 4 – Death of a retired or separated law enforcement employee.
  • Category 5 – Death of a family member of a law enforcement professional.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery will ensure for any ceremony that the wishes of the family are met. For a full honors ceremony, we verify that the master of ceremonies has full drill and relevant experience. We give special attention to the flag folding, coffin and all particulars of a full honors funeral service so that it is executed without error.

Lastly, our compassionate, caring staff goes above and beyond for each law enforcement category funeral service to ensure that your loved one’s life is honored with the utmost respect. Contact us with any questions you may have at 480-832-2850.

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