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Funeral Services | Comfort From Afar

funeral servicesThe funeral services of a loved one were recently announced. You are heartbroken to hear the news. This is partly due to the fact you live too far away to be there for the ceremony of your loved one. However, you are committed to paying your respects and showing support to the family.

Here are some ideas for doing just that:

Make a donation in the name of your loved one.

Did you loved one have a special charity or cause that was close to their heart? A thoughtful way to remember them is to choose one and make a donation to it in their name. This is a positive and active way of keeping their memory alive and showing your respect.

Send flowers or a plant.

While the concept in itself isn’t that unique, there are many ways to personalize it.

Did your loved one have a favorite flower or plant? If so, consider arranging for one to arrive prior the funeral services. If they weren’t a plant lover, you could add little accents in the arrangement that speak to your loved one’s hobby or interest – like golf tees, bookmarks, playing cards, etc.

Send a personalized card or letter.

If you and the deceased had taken pictures together at a certain event or on holidays, the family member may appreciate a glimpse into their loved ones life that they’d not seen before. Enclose a picture or two with a card or a hand-written letter.

Arrange for meals for the family.

People in mourning often don’t feel like eating much or have the energy to prepare food. But, they do need to take care of themselves during their grieving. Setting up a schedule for friends and others who care to provide meals is another way you can show your support.

Consider traveling later.

Maybe it’s the cost or the inability to take time off from work for the deceased’s funeral. The family is typically inundated with people who wish to show their support at the funeral services. However, this is not the case as much in the weeks that follow. If it is more of a work issue than a cost issue for you, consider making plans to be there for the extended family at a later date.

Use technology.

If you and the deceased’s family are comfortable using Skype, this can be a good way to show you care via simulated face-to-face interaction and words of comfort just before or after the funeral services.

We do hope these ideas offer you some inspiration and respite in light of your loved one’s funeral services. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery understand that this is an emotionally challenging time for you. However, you can always contact our compassionate staff to help you coordinate floral dedications or any other gifts for the family. We are pleased to assist you in your time of need.

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