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Funeral Wake | Ways to Help Grieving Families

funeral wakeWhen families that you love are hurting, it can be difficult to watch. You feel so helpless. You want to do something to help. But you’re not sure what might be too intrusive, so sometimes you end up doing nothing at all. While quiet support is helpful, sometimes grieving families need a little more hands-on assistance. There are lots of things you can do to help…from hosting a visitation or funeral wake to arranging for meals. While you should always consider that each family is different, here are a few alternate ways that you can help a grieving family member or friend:

Hosting a Funeral Wake

Funerals can be very sad times. But they can also recall times of joy once shared with your loved one. What better way to remember the love you experienced together than with a funeral wake or visitation? While families may not feel up to putting together this type of gathering, hosting a funeral wake or visitation is a way that a close friend or relative can provide support without putting an emotional, physical or monetary burden on the family during what is an already difficult time. Offering to host a gathering in your home, church or other location is an ultimate act of love, both for the living and those who have passed.

Get Your Group Involved

No matter if your group is a neighborhood, church group or knitting club, get them involved in helping support the family. Even if you do not know what they need at the moment, things such as restaurant gift cards (that offer take-out) and meals kindly left at their home can let those who are grieving know that others are thinking of them. This quiet support can provide families who are experiencing a difficult time know that others are thinking of them, even if they are not able to fully articulate their needs.

Send a Grieving Basket

Creating a simple basket full of things that could provide comfort: a special teddy bear for any children, tea bags, a scented candle, lip balm, tissues and a prayer book are all things that could really lift someone’s spirits. Personalize the basket with baked goods, special colors or remembrance options or even a Peace Lily.

When a family is in need during a time of grief, it can be difficult to reach out to others with even the most pressing of needs. Helping anticipate small things for them can have a huge impact on their stress level and help them get through one day at a time. Our caring and empathetic staff at Mountain View Funeral Home is always ready and willing to answer questions  about whether the family has mentioned additional needs.

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