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Grave Memorials | Inscriptions

memorialsA grave memorial serves as a permanent remembrance of those who have passed away. Typically, memorials include the name of the deceased, their birth and death dates, and sometimes an epitaph. An epitaph is a few words or phrase inscribed on the grave marker to memorialize the person who has died. Since these words will last forever, it is understandable that many people have a hard time choosing what to inscribe on their loved ones memorial.


Inscriptions on grave memorials have traditionally been short. They often identify the treasured relationships of the family. A few examples include beloved mother, loving father, treasured son, or adored daughter. By acknowledging these relationships, the memorial reaffirms the bond shared by deceased and their loved ones. Other common phrases you may find meaningful include: Gone, but never forgotten; Rest in Peace; or Love is eternal.


More and more people are choosing to customize the grave memorials for their loved ones. When trying to determine what to have on a memorial, it can be helpful to know if your loved one had any favorite songs, poems, or authors. Due to the longevity of memorials, language with a timeless quality is preferred. For those who are religious or spiritual, you may want to consider a favored scripture or inspirational quote. If your loved one is a veteran, you may want to include their rank, branch, dates of service, and any honors or commendations.

Symbolic Imagery

Sometimes, words are simply not enough. Religious families may choose to have a symbol of their faith inscribed on a loved one’s memorial. Some people choose to include an image of the deceased to create a truly personalized memorial. You can also select images that may have special meaning, such as an American flag for veterans.

Although epitaphs are traditionally short, customized memorials are limited only by your imagination. If you need to purchase a grave memorial for a loved one, or simply have questions about the options available, contact us. Our staff at Mountain View Funeral Home understands how important it is to find the right way to memorialize your loved one.

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