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Hobby Urns | Unique Remembrance

Hobby urns hold cremation ash and are custom made to reflect the passions and interests of the person who has passed. The sky is the limit with these one of a kind urns. People are finding comfort in this unique way to remember their loved ones.hobby urns

Here at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we operate our own crematory inside our facility. Many funeral homes in the Valley contract with third party Crematories to transport the deceased and deliver the cremated remains back to the funeral home.  Many times, this will increase the time for the return of the cremated remains up to a week or more.

You can rest assured as your loved one never leaves our care during the entire process of cremation at Mountain View Funeral Home. The same licensed funeral directors that meet with you to arrange for your every need are also our licensed Cremationists.

We find that more and more people look for hobby urns and there are a wide variety of popular styles. Motorcycle cremation urns are a new memorial tradition that is quite popular, along with racecar, fishing and hunting and needlework or knitting hobby urns.

It is important to remember that the memorial for your loved one should reflect their life and celebrate your memories. Hobby urns are a wonderful way to extend that celebration of life into the days and years after the memorial service is over. They offer a way to feel connected to your loved one as you are reminded of their life’s passion, day after day.

Our Mesa funeral home and cemetery offers a complete range of services in tastefully decorated, serene surroundings in a beautifully landscape cemetery that has been a landmark for many years, including 12 burial gardens, 19 mausoleums and thousands of niches. Please contact us with any questions about hobby urns.

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