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What To Include When Planning A Memorial Service

Planning a memorial service takes some thought and consideration. Naturally, you want to honor your loved one in a special way, but you may not know what that should entail. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we have assisted families with many memorials and would like to offer some suggestions that may be helpful to you.

Keep It Simple

A memorial service can be as elaborate as you would like. However, in our experience, some of the most heartfelt services are those that are simple and sincere. Providing insight into the legacy of your loved one through song, photos, and personal stories can bring fond memories to life.

Select One Presiding Speaker

If you do not have a member of the clergy conducting the service, consider asking a close friend or family member to preside over the memorial. It is often best to ask someone who can keep their composure to take on this role as it can be a difficult for immediate survivors to do so themselves. This person can welcome guests at the beginning and keep the flow of the service running smoothly.

Include Meaningful Passages or Quotes

If your loved one had a favorite Bible verse or notable quote, you may want to consider adding it to the memorial program or including it as a reading during the service. If you would like to include some meaningful verse, quote, or even poetry, but are not sure where to look, here are some resources:

Limit The Number Of Eulogies

A eulogy is a personal speech that highlights personal remembrances of the deceased. The most meaningful eulogies are given by either close friends or family members. A eulogy can chronicle the loved one’s life or simply share some memorable stories highlighting the deceased’s character traits. However you choose to eulogize, it is best to limit the number of people who share. Perhaps one main speaker and then give close family members the chance to share, as well.

Allow Others To Speak

Apart from a eulogy, it is often customary to allow mourners the opportunity to say a few words. This can be quite spontaneous and allow friends and family to share something special that they remember about the departed.

While there are many ways to honor a loved one, these are just a few guidelines when planning a memorial. If you are looking for other ideas, we more than happy to help. Contact us here at Mountain View Funeral Home.




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