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Indoor Mausoleum Options

indoor mausoleumWhere your body spends eternity is a very personal preference, and when you are able to preplan your funeral, it is a decision that you can make for yourself. While many people still opt for the traditional burial, more Americans are choosing cremation or burial in an indoor mausoleum. There are benefits to each option. What is important is choosing which burial alternative is exactly right for you and your family.

A Calm Respite

Living in the western part of the United States brings a great deal of beauty such as sunsets that won’t quit, long and lazy summer days, and miles and miles of unbroken scenery. However, it also brings a great deal of heat nearly year-round, which can be difficult for the older generation as they pay their respects. Having an indoor mausoleum is one way to offer generations of family a way to come and visit with their departed loved ones without feeling the full effects of the heat. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers  options of a community or private family indoor mausoleum, which is a clean, dry and beautiful alternative to final disposition in the ground

Personal Feelings

For some people, the thought of spending their eternity beneath the ground is frightening and may bring up feelings of exclusion or claustrophobia. These feelings are very real, and should be respected, and may provide a valid reason for choosing entombment in an indoor mausoleum.

An Old World Feel

An indoor mausoleum has been the choice for thousands of years, all the way back to the pharaohs of Egypt. The comfortable and dignified location may be the ideal fit for your personality; and a family mausoleum would allow generations of family to be laid to rest together. Private mausoleums also allow a broad range of customization as far as location and design, and can be an excellent way to memorialize that special someone in your life.

Commune with Nature

While burial may seem like the ultimate way to return to the earth, indoor mausoleums can be created in such a way that they allow family a serene space within a natural surrounding where they can be silent and simply be. This peace and harmony can be more difficult to achieve with the distractions of other grave sites in the area.

Where you choose to rest for the last time is a personal decision. When you have questions, the trusted advisors from Mountain Valley Funeral Home can help you find the answers that you need efficiently and with a great deal of compassion.

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