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Every time a police officer leaves their home, there is a potential that they will not arrive home that evening. This dedication to the public good and upholding the law requires that we offer special tribute to them, whether they pass away from circumstances in the line of duty or otherwise. Local funeral homes offer a beautiful display of unity to these families, and the funeral parades often receive a full police escort and especially in the case of death in the line of duty–officers can come from miles away to pay their respects.

While this is not an exhaustive list of ways to commemorate these humble servants of the people, we hope that you gain some ideas to incorporate into any service that you’re planning.


Department Representation

One of the most common ways to remember an officer is to have their brothers and sisters in blue join the local funeral homes in planning and in the service itself–as pallbearers, clergy, to say words at the interment, and any other way that the officer would like to have them included. This is one of the many reasons that pre-planning your funeral is important, as you can assure that you’re including all of the people important to you.


Mourning Period

Family liaisons are individuals from the police department who help support the family after a loss and is often included in the delegation from the department letting the family know of the passing of their hero. Once notification is complete, depending on department policy, a period of mourning begins that includes badges with black cloth or tape on them, flags lowered to half-staff and sometimes even shrouding on the cruisers.


Casket Watch and Honor Guard

There are some differences from military funerals, but they share many similarities such as the honor guard who stand watch at the head and foot of the casket facing each other. The honor guard can also help coordinate the ceremonial aspects of the service such as the 21-gun salute (which can be replaced by a bell-ringing should the discharge of guns not be appropriate for the family) and the flag team who will appropriately carry and fold the American flag for presentation to the family.

A funeral for a policeman or policewoman or military personnel can be a solemn reminder of the tight bond that these heroic individuals have together and the way that they have dedicated their lives for the betterment of society. Local funeral homes are able to share additional information–contact us at Mountain View Funeral Home to learn more about rituals around military and police services.

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