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Making a Funeral Wake or Service Unique

funeral wake

Every life is unique, original and special. But how can you celebrate your loved one in a way that will help others feel a final breath of their beautiful spirit? Creating a unique funeral wake or service by planning ahead captures elements of their personality will help others see what you loved about your special someone and even bring a smile to faces that would otherwise be covered with tears.

Customized Memorial Candles

Your loved one was the light of your life, so why not create a memory for others with light? You can set the mood of the service with beautiful and bright candles, although you should probably forgo the scent for the service or wake. You might even consider creating smaller versions of the memorial candles for visitors to keep as a remembrance.

Select a Theme

If your loved one was a lifelong painter, then having all the brilliant colors of the rainbow represented in food or decorations, or bringing physical examples of their artwork can help portray a life well-lived. Nature lovers could consider having the wake feel more like a family reunion by holding it outside in a park or in a place that was a favorite of the deceased’s. Be creative if you like. Unless bound by traditional religious customs, there are many ways you can honor your loved one.

Dove or Butterfly Release

Capturing the beauty and the fleeting nature of life can be challenging. But having a release of butterflies or doves is one way to signify the soul’s release from the mortal coil. The vision will be one that others remember forever, and can be performed as guests enter the wake as a means to begin the celebration. Our caring staff at Mountain View Funeral Home can work with you to create a memorial and wake that your family and friends will remember for all times.

Personalized Floral Display

Everyone has individual tastes, and funeral sprays can tend to look remarkably similar. Defining a special and interesting look for the floral displays – possibly around a loved one’s hobby – is one way that you can personalize a wake or service and allow your friends and family to get a taste of the deceased’s personality. Work with a local florist to define a special look that centers around a musical instrument, hobby such as fishing or golfing, or even one that centers around a specific color scheme.

A funeral wake and service should be a very personal time, where you celebrate your loved one’s life and contributions. Do not feel constrained to the traditional, but instead be creative to tell the amazing story of their life.

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