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Memorial | Financial Strain

When many people hear that there has been a loss within their circle of family or friends, once the shock has passed people tend to think “Where do I send flowers?” and more details about the arrangements. When your family is being stretched financially, it may make more sense to request that people donate to a memorial fund than to send pricey flowers to be displayed at the service. While this may feel awkward to you, it is perfectly acceptable and with the rising inflation will certainly be understood by your family and friends.


Obituary Notification

With web-based publication, the obituary may be the quickest and most convenient way to let people know that you would prefer to receive memorial donations in lieu of flowers for the funeral service. Obituaries are widely shared on social media, and can be one of the quickest ways of getting the word out.


Donation Envelopes

At the service, add a lovely box and a note with why the funeral service has been a particular hardship to the family. This happens most often when there is a loss of parents of dependent children or when entire families are lost at the same time in fire or other natural disaster. It’s important to note that gifts to families for final expenses are considered personal gifts and may not be tax deductible.


Setting Up a Bank Account

Another practice that is often used is setting up a local bank account to accept donations and then sharing that information with friends and family. There is often an individual close to the family or a friend that you can recruit to help spread the word so it feels a little more organic than directly asking others for help with final expenses.

Please remember that everyone has a time in their life when they need to ask for help, and there is no shame in that fact. A loss can come upon us at the most challenging time, and it is never a time of our choosing. If you find that your family is in desperate need, your friends and family will be loving and understanding and happy to help–all you have to do is request that help. Should you have additional questions about accepting donations to help with your memorial expenses, contact our caring staff at Mountain View Funeral Home today.

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