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Memorial Service for All Stages in Life

memorial servicePlanning a memorial service is one of those few times in life that you take the time to think back about all of the amazing things that made your loved one special – the smiles, the laughter and the tears. No matter the stage of life your loved one was in, you can plan a memorial service that will bring those feelings through to others in a way that they will remember forever.

Planning a Memorial Service for Children

While no one wants to consider the devastation that the death of a child brings, there are ways that you can provide a fitting tribute to the beautiful spirit that they shared here on earth. Sweet colors and more playful flowers are one way that you can celebrate their life in a way that helps people remember the good times, and not just the immediate sadness. Children are a beautiful gift, and having the opportunity to share time with them even for a short period can lift our spirits and our soul. While close family members may be too overwhelmed, consider involving cousins, other family members or close friends in small roles during the memorial.

Celebrating a Young Adult

Young adults are often taken from us far too early from the ravages of cancer or other illnesses. Special artists are available who can create a fitting physical memorial or work of art that will represent their diverse interests. Another idea is to create a scholarship or grant in their name that will help their legacy live on. Mourners can be allowed to contribute to the fund, in a non-threatening way.

Life Memorial Service for an Adult

Adults are often stricken down in the prime of their life, and they may leave behind young or adult children as well as parents. This multi-generational need for comfort can be assuaged through incorporating their interests into the memorial; for instance, if they have an overwhelming love of fishing or the outdoors, a portion of the memorial could be held outside. The deceased may have had strong feelings about the type of music that could be incorporated as well.

Memorial Service for the Elderly

A life well-lived allows plenty of room for celebration. Children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren can come together and provide a backdrop of photos and videos that will spark conversation and sharing. Creating a physical as well as a digital photo montage can be a powerful visual element for the memorial service.

All stages of life are special and precious, and ensuring that the life of your departed is celebrated as well as mourned is a special tribute that you can offer to their loved ones.

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