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Mesa Cemetery Interment

Mesa Cemetery interment options for individual or family needs are varied depending on your preferences and your budget. Our desire at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Our Mesa Cemetery offers several unique and personalized interment choices.

Ground Burial: Traditional ground burial at our Mesa Cemetery provides a variety of offerings including individual locations in any of our 12 beautiful memorial gardens and special areas. We have designated areas for several faiths including Latter-Day Saints, Catholic, Christian, Masonic, and Inter-Faith. Caskets for ground burials are available in the finest quality materials. Popular choices include copper, bronze, steel, or a variety of wood finishes including mahogany, maple, cherry, and pine.

Mausoleum Entombment: Several options are available for entombment burial in one of our Mesa Cemetery mausoleums. Choices include the Desert Star Chapel Mausoleum, open-air Garden Mausoleums, Companion Crypts, Private Mausoleums, and our three Wall of Peace options.

Cremation: Our Mesa Cemetery has many cremation spaces available including inside, glass-front niches, cremation benches, executive niches, family cremation estates, and an ossuary. With on-site crematory facilities, cremation is convenient for those who choose this option. Urns made from a variety of high-quality materials include ceramic, wood, metal, cloisonné, and marble. Urns also can reflect a favorite sport, hobby, or military affiliation. Biodegradable urns are environmentally friendly and are very popular with those choosing to scatter the remains.

Columbariums: Columbariums are specially designed areas comprised of cremation niches that hold urns and cremated remains and family mementos. A columbarium may be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an indoor or outdoor setting. All of our mausoleums have columbariums with niches. Private family columbariums are available as small as two niches and can stand alone.

No matter what you select for interment, our Mesa Cemetery at Mountain View Funeral Home can meet your needs. Whether you are pre-planning your funeral or fulfilling the wishes of a loved one, we are happy to help you in any way that we can.

Mesa Cemetery

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