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Mesa Cemetery | Unusual Burials

Mesa cemeteryMesa cemetery at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is known for our compassionate and helpful staff. We guide people through this most challenging time and offer you the personal service you need. We offer a variety of choices in traditional ground burial services and have a very caring and professional staff.

Trends in memorializing loved ones vary all over the country and the world. Some people have opted for very creative burial sites. A few things people have done include sending cremated remains into space, making carbon remains into a gemstone and even incorporating cremated remains into a candle. It is even possible to incorporate ashes into fireworks. Ashes have also been made into pencils, used in paint to produce portraits of loved ones.

There is also a growing trend of “natural” burials, which are internments without embalming or concrete vaults. This allows the remains to decompose naturally. Another trend is called the Eternal Reef. This trend takes cremated remains and makes them into artificial reef material that is then placed in areas where reefs need restoration. Fish and other organisms then use the artificial reef to form a new habitat and help to rebuild that ecosystem.

Off the coast of Florida it is possible to take cremated remains, mix them with cement and place them on the ocean floor. There is even a town in California, where the deceased residents out number the living. In Colma, CA, there are 1.5 million graves.

These are just some of the more unusual things people have done to memorialize their loved ones. Here at Mountain View Mesa cemetery our traditional offerings include the 12 burial gardens, 19 mausoleums and thousands of niches. We believe our work is a “mission of service” and it is a privilege to help a family during a very difficult time of their life.






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