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Mesa Funeral Homes | Grief Support Group

mesa funeral homesThe stages of grief are well-documented, but if you are faced with the loss of a loved one it can feel as though no one has ever felt the pain that you are feeling. Everyone employs different coping mechanisms for dealing with grief and while the sadness will typically diminish in time, it may never completely fade. As one of the Mesa funeral homes who work with a large number of local clients, the team at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery will tell you that no one’s journey is the same and that there is no “normal” formula for grief.

Moving On With Life

At first, it may feel as though you will be stuck in the cycle of grief forever. But taking that first step towards moving on can provide you with a powerful catalyst and help you find a renewed sense of meaning in your life. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we offer you ways to help understand what you’re going through and know that it’s okay to accept your feelings and continue taking care of yourself and your family.

Reaching Out to Others

Many people find that one of the more effective ways of dealing with your personal grief from the loss of a loved one is to support others as they pass through the various stages of understanding. When you share stories of your lost loved one, you are spreading the joy that they brought to life and to your family and friends.

Adult Grief Support Group

This coming Tuesday, June 14, Mountain View Funeral Home is offering an Adult Grief Support Group gathering at 6:00pm. The presenter will be Diane Cunningham who will speak on “Finding Comfort Through Your Grief”. RSVPs are accepted, but not required. To RSVP, please call us at (480) 832-2850.

Nurturing your grief takes time. Allowing and accepting your feelings is a big part of healing. With time, things will get better. But, allow yourself the time. What Mesa funeral homes like Mountain View can help you with is to offer support, encouragement, and understanding when you have experienced a loss. Contact our caring and compassionate team today to make arrangements or to answer any questions that you may have about the funeral process.

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