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Mesa Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations

Mesa funerals

There are many ways that you can honor the memory of a loved one in Mesa. For example, there are Mesa funerals, memorials, or celebrations of life. These decisions can be based on religious beliefs or personal preference. Oftentimes, the deceased makes their wishes known ahead of time through advanced planning or by giving instructions to a family member. Other times, it is left up to the family to decide.

In either case, when you are trying to figure out which option to choose, it can be helpful to understand the difference between Mesa funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life. Here are brief descriptions to give you a better idea:

Funeral Services: Typically, Mesa funerals take place with the deceased’s body present. The service can be officiated by a member of the clergy or a funeral director. Funeral services can be held in a chapel or church or at the gravesite. They can also be held first at the chapel or church and include a processional to the gravesite where another part of the funeral service is conducted. Mesa funerals are usually held within a week of the death.

Memorial Services: One of the main differences between Mesa funerals and memorials is that the body of the departed is not present at memorial services. Memorial services can be held any time after the loved one’s passing. Memorial services are often held if a cremation has been performed. In some cases, it is in conjunction with the scattering of remains. A memorial service can also be held following a private funeral service or in another location to accommodate those unable to attend the funeral. Memorial services can also be held when someone had particular ties to a community so those living there can pay their final respects, as well.

Celebrations of Life: While mourning the loss of a loved one is a very difficult time, it can be comforting to hold a celebration of life to remember the person as they were when they were alive. In some instances, it is the wish of the deceased to be remembered in a happy way. A celebration of life can provide the ideal outlet for that. Celebrations of life can be extremely personal. They are designed to be celebratory in nature, so there can be music, laughter, and personal remembrances shared. Celebrations of life can almost resemble a party, if that is the wish of the deceased or the family members. Mesa funerals and memorials are typically considered more somber occasions.

How you decide between Mesa funerals, memorials, or celebrations of life is completely a personal choice. Again, it can be pre-determined by the departed or up to the wishes of the surviving family members. But, no matter which you choose, our caring and compassionate staff at Mountain View Funeral Home can offer the assistance you need.

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