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Mesa Funerals & Obituaries

Mesa funerals bring about so many emotions for families. Naturally it is difficult to lose someone special. And making funeral arrangements can add some extra stress. That is why we take great care in leading families through the many facets of planning Mesa funerals including the process of writing an obituary.

During times of grief, it can be difficult to know what to say about the departed. We want to capture the heart of our loved one when writing about them and their life. But how does one go about writing an obituary? What is the process for getting it published? Does it cost extra to include a photo? These are all very valid questions for those planning Mesa funerals. Our role at Mountain View Funeral Home is to help make things easier.

As part of our service to families, we can give the information needed to get an obituary published. To start, we explain about publishing deadlines. Depending on the publication, there are different requirements. If you want an obituary printed on a certain day, you have to know when to have the copy submitted.   You also need to know that not all obituaries cost the same. The larger the town or publication, the more it is likely to cost. Our staff at Mountain View can help gather this information for you so we can proceed with the obituary in a timely manner.

The actual writing of an obituary is another issue that can become stressful. Not everyone is a writer. While we believe that obituaries authored by families are more personal, we are always happy to do the writing for you. Or, we can help families by giving guidelines of things to consider. In any case, we are available to assist however needed.

We also provide online obituaries on our website at no cost to families. We can include a picture, if desired, and there is no limit to how long the obituary has to be. Our online obituaries remain on our website indefinitely.  Not every funeral home offers this kind of service.  As well, newspapers may also post online obituaries, but they typically are only available for a limited time.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, we understand that planning Mesa funerals can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have so much to think about. Guiding you through the obituary process and posting online obituaries on our website are just a couple of ways that we are there for you.

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