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Our Mesa Mausoleum

Mountain View Funeral Home’s Mesa mausoleum is a completely enclosed structure located on the beautiful grounds of our cemetery. Residing inside this indoor Mesa mausoleum is a chapel that affords areas for committal and graveside services.

Many families choose a mausoleum as an option for interment of their loved ones. Our Mesa mausoleum, the Desert Star Chapel Mausoleum, provides an elegant and affordable alternative to traditional cemetery burial. With a variety of crypts and niches available, this Mesa mausoleum is a peaceful and quiet place for interment. Its climate-controlled setting also allows you to pay your respects in comfort during any time of the year.

For those needing a better understanding of the advantages of a Mesa mausoleum, and the difference between a crypt and a niche, we’d like to offer further explanation.

Mausoleum interment is an above ground entombment, or burial, that provides a clean and dry location. In a chapel mausoleum, such as our Mesa mausoleum at Mountain View Funeral Home, there are several crypts and niches located in one stand-alone building. Crypts are vaults or chambers that enclose caskets for burial. They are designed for single burials or as companion crypts that can be arranged vertically or side by side. In our Mesa mausoleum, crypts are situated along an extensive wall.  Niches, on the other hand, are smaller compartments and used for inurnment (the burial of ashes in an urn) after cremation.

There are several reasons why someone would choose a mausoleum interment. For one, it can eliminate the need for some burial expenses. Additionally, it does not require an outer burial container.

Whether you are considering burial in a Mesa mausoleum or a traditional cemetery burial, our caring and helpful staff at Mountain View Funeral Home can assist you with any questions that you may have. We understand that choosing a final resting place is an important decision. We are here to help you make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Mesa Mausoleum

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