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At Mountain View Funeral Home, we believe that planning ahead is an important part of life. Even when you are planning ahead for your funeral arrangements. And, while we understand that planning for your passing is not always on the forefront of your mind, doing so can make things considerably easier for those you leave behind.

Since 1951, our caring and compassionate staff at Mountain View Funeral Home has helped many with their end-of-life plans. As times and preferences have changed, so have the services that we provide. Whatever your needs, we are well equipped to walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to funeral planning. From ground burial, cremation, or funeral services, we can help you make decisions that honor your personal wishes.

A relatively new concern for people in this day and age is what to do with email accounts, social media accounts, and access to online banking when someone passes away. This is certainly something we did not have to think about back in 1951. But it is very real today. And, because life can be very uncertain, we advise that everyone should take measures to protect their “digital assets” prior to any unforeseen passing.

One of the things you can do now to protect your digital assets is to organize your information. Take inventory all of your hardware (DVD’s, flash drives, etc.); software; list all of your folders of where information and documents are housed; your current social media accounts, and email accounts. Also include online accounts that involve transactions, such as online banking and shopping accounts.

Next, provide access to someone you trust. If you are working with an estate planning lawyer, make sure you designate a trustee or someone who can oversee all of your digital assets. As part of this process, you will want to make sure that all of your accounts and passwords are accounted for.

Finally, map out instructions on what to do with your digital footprint and detail how you want it managed. Did you have a blog post you wanted to have posthumously? Or do you need to cancel recurring payments on your online accounts? These are things that you will definitely want to attend to.

But, what can you do if someone passes without having these measures in place? Many social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google, and Twitter all have options to help you. You can find more details about what to do here. Be aware that, in some cases, it may not easy to get access to the deceased’s account. But, if you are diligent and work with each social network, you will hopefully have the outcome you are looking for.

While many things have changed over the years that affect funeral planning, one thing has remained constant since 1951: The level of care and service that we provide to families at Mountain View Funeral Home. When planning your own arrangements, or if you are in the process of making arrangements for a loved one, we are always here to guide you and help you through any difficult decisions or concerns.

For more information on how we can be of help to you, contact us at Mountain View Funeral Home.


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