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Mountain View Funeral Home President Greg Coury has a lot invested in the business that is so near and dear to his heart. After all, his grandfather opened Mountain View way back in 1951. And, to this day, the same level of care and service that Greg’s grandfather committed himself to providing is still in place. That is something that Greg sees to personally.

Greg officially began his professional career with Mountain View Funeral Home in 2009. His grandfather passed away in 1998, leaving the business to his grandmother. Upon her death in 2008, the Coury family agreed that the business should remain in the family. After details were sorted out, it was Greg and his father who decided to carry on the Coury tradition as they took on the ownership and operation of Mountain View Funeral Home.

When Greg started at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, he made a point of getting experience in each area of the business. It was important to him to learn about all aspects of the company. He eventually settled into an Advance Planning position and then Vice President of Sales and Marketing before becoming President of Mountain View Funeral Home. Greg still plays a big part in the Advance Planning role to this day, in addition to his other responsibilities.

Greg believes that the foundation established by his grandfather in 1951 still drives the way that Mountain View Funeral Home does business today. “Our business should always and will always be focused on our families we serve, “ he says. Treating people as if they are part of the family has really been the key to how Mountain View Funeral Home does business. Whether it’s through advance planning or making funeral arrangements, we strive to serve families with care and compassion…just like Greg’s grandfather did back in 1951.

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