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Why Do Mourners Wear Black?

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Dark-colored funeral attire dates back at least as far as the 8th Century A.D., when ancient Romans wore the toga pulla – a grey, brown or black garment made of dark wool – during mourning periods. Traditionally, people wore black after the death of a loved one to signify a mourning period and to indicate to others that extra support may be needed during this time of mourning. In the 1920’s, American department stores had full mourning sections where people could purchase nice black clothing. While plain black clothing remains traditional for funerals in most Western cultures, the spectrum of color has expanded and traditions have laxed.  Other dark colors like navy blue or grey have become accepted colors to wear to most funerals.

Here are a few wardrobe options that are perfectly appropriate for modern services:



In the Victorian era, hair from lost loved ones was used to make mourning jewelry for their female relatives. Today, mourners sometimes don a favorite object or color to honor the deceased which is a great way to personalize and memorial service.  You may decide to complement traditional black attire with a pop of color in remembrance of a lost loved one’s favorite color or a cause they believed in; for example, a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. If you need help making arrangements for your loved one, contact Mountain View Funeral Home today.


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