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Mt View Cemetery | Grave Memorials

Mt View Cemetery offers a wide selection of grave memorials for you to choose from. Memorials, sometimes called grave markers or headstones, are traditionally thought of as the final detail in burying a loved one. They are considered a focal point when visiting the grave. Grave memorials can also provide a sense of closure when immortalizing a loved one.

At most cemeteries, the kind of grave memorial you choose is dependent on regulations and restrictions. At Mt View Cemetery, we offer opportunities for both flush and upright grave memorials.

Flush grave memorials at Mt View Cemetery are typically made of bronze and are handcrafted works of art. They are manufactured using a process that combines age-old techniques with the latest technology. The end result is a superior-quality grave memorial. Flush grave memorials are suitable for traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and cremation crypts and niches. Flush grave memorials come in many styles and designs.

Upright grave memorials are another option at Mt View Cemetery. They are available for gravesites located in our new LDS Garden, as well as in other designated areas of Mt View Cemetery. We offer a tremendous selection of upright memorials. You may also choose to design your own tasteful and personalized upright grave memorial. Our family service counselors and salespeople can help you create a beautiful upright memorial to honor your loved one’s memory.

Once you have decided what kind of grave memorial you would like, you may also want to think about what it should say on it. In addition to their name and lifespan, you may want to include something special to honor your loved one. It can be as simple as “Beloved Mother” or “Always In Our Hearts”. Or, you might choose to have a Bible verse or poem. There is no right or wrong in what you choose. However you design your loved one’s grave memorial is a unique and personal decision.

Please contact us at Mt View Cemetery is you have any questions about grave memorials. We know it’s an important decision. We are happy to help you pay tribute your loved one and create that special, lasting memory.

Mt View Cemetery

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