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MVFH | A Superstition Springs Funeral Home

superstition springs funeral homeAt MVFH, we are a Superstition Springs funeral home that cares about our community. We know how much our cemetery means to those who have loved ones buried here, as well as to those who live nearby. Having a presence here has helped to hold a community together, both in emotional terms as well as economic. In today’s blog, we’d like to explore a little history about cemeteries and how local communities have appreciated them over the years.

First Modern Cemetery

Cemeteries have been around for a long time. According to American Forests Magazine, the first modern cemetery, Mount Auburn, was designed in 1831 by a group of horticulturists in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As other cities began to experience the same space limitations, tracts of scenic land were set aside as rural cemeteries, or garden cemeteries. These cemeteries on the outskirts of town quickly became popular gathering places for those in the community to enjoy as spacious parks.

Today, with green space in cities becoming a scarcity, communities are once again looking to cemeteries as a place where they can find a peaceful atmosphere for strolling, walking and enjoying the outdoors. As a Superstition Springs funeral home and cemetery, we at MVFH take special care to perfectly maintain the grounds to always provide a get-away green place for families and members of the community to spend some quality time. With carefully designed paths through the cemetery, city dwellers can find a place to be in a natural setting.

Cemeteries with Historical Value

With well-maintained grave markers, cemeteries can add a historical flavor to the environment. Besides being naturally beautiful, cemeteries hold years of personal stories and history. Communities in some areas occasionally open up cemeteries to guided historical tours, where the citizens can learn about the people who once lived in their area and their importance to the thriving cities. At our Superstition Springs funeral home and cemetery, our grounds serve as a serene place for families and friends to visit gravesites and honor their loved ones. This leads to reflection and remembrances of those held so dear, including recollections of how their loved ones had an impact in their lives and communities.

Planning Funeral Services

At Mountain View Funeral Home, we are always available to help you with every stage of funeral planning. From the time of passing through to burial or cremation, we are with you every step of the way. According to  your religious beliefs, we can make arrangements for sensitive funerals or memorial services. We have a trained staff that will emotionally support family members and friends throughout the process. Contact us any time for more information on planning or pre-planning memorial services.

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