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Phoenix Cremation

Phoenix cremationCremation has been a popular form of funeral service internationally for centuries. Even in the United States, cremation continues to grow year in and year out as a way of dealing with our dearly departed. As a matter of fact, according to the Cremation Association of North America, 64% of Arizonans choose cremation over casket funerals. So why choose Phoenix cremation? There are several reasons:


Cremation is cost-effective in comparison to other burial options. But, of course, many people who choose cremation still include a funeral or memorial service, wake, visitation or other traditional ceremony, so costs can vary based on those preferences.

Environmentally Friendly

Some people choose Phoenix cremation for environmental reasons. Because embalming requires the use of formaldehyde and the sheer amount of land a casket can take up, Phoenix cremation may be considered by some as a “greener” alternative.

Personal Choice

Phoenix cremation is also an option for those who want to have a personal choice in where there remains are interred. Unlike a traditional burial, a person that is cremated has several options available. Some people want to have their ashes spread in the ocean, or some left in the mountains. Other prefer their ashes to be left in an urn and put in the home of a loved one.

Service Options

Once a person passes away, their body begins to go through many changes quite rapidly. This means funeral services are usually held almost immediately if they are being buried traditionally. However, by choosing cremation, it gives the family time to plan without all the stress of needing to come up with immediate plans. This can help the family come to terms with the grieving process before getting outsiders involved.

Phoenix cremation services are available at Mountain View Funeral Home. We have a well trained and professional staff that is ready to answer any more questions you may have.

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