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Phoenix Cremations | Types of Urns

When choosing an urn for a Phoenix cremations service, you want to have options. Based on your preference and your budget, our staff at Mountain View Funeral Home can help you select a unique and special urn to memorialize your loved one.

  • Bronze UrnsPhoenix cremations

Bronze urns are suitable for burial, of course. However, because of their beauty, many people choose to include them in a memorial display after the Phoenix cremations service. These marvelous pieces stand up well to the harshest of elements – like desert heat. They develop a luxurious and valuable patina as they age.

  • Marble Urns

Marble, aside from being one of the most gorgeous stone products on Earth, is also one of the world’s most sturdy materials. Marble urns are made to withstand the elements for generations.

  • Ceramic Urns

Many of our customers appreciate the beauty of ceramic urns as part of their Phoenix cremations service. These urns are handcrafted from porcelain or clay and burned in a special stove. The result is a glass-like finish, covered with a hand-painted glaze. They can be custom-painted to display scenic art that fits the personality of the deceased. Although they are quite beautiful, ceramic urns are very fragile.

  • Metal Urns

The most popular metal material for urns is bronze. However, metal urns can also be made from brass, copper and pewter. These urns are machine-crafted. Then, they are polished and lacquered. The finished product is a durable, beautiful home for a loved one’s ashes. Metal urns are often used for burial of the ashes, but they are also displayed in homes.

  • Biodegradable Urns

These environmentally friendly urns are quickly becoming popular in the industry today. Biodegradable urns are commonly used when ashes are to be scattered, especially at sea. They are handmade from non-toxic paper and meet all government standards. Their careful construction keeps ashes from being scattered by wind. For sea dispersions, biodegradable urns will be fully degraded within a few days of being placed in water.

Deciding on the type of urn you want to select is clearly a personal choice, but one that we can help you with if you so desire. There are even more urn styles available than are listed here. If you have any questions about our Phoenix cremation services, our caring staff is ready to assist you.

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