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Planning Your Own Funeral

Planning Your Own FuneralAs a funeral home, we receive a lot of questions about planning your own funeral: when should you begin the process, how much does a funeral cost and what are the benefits of doing the planning yourself? Helping people understand and demystify the process of funerals, memorials and burials is a service that we provide to the community, so this month we’re tackling the question of timing.

Never Too Early

While the answer may be difficult to hear, it truly is never too early to begin planning your own funeral, or that of your significant other. Life is increasingly uncertain, and leaving the final details for your children, parents, siblings or friends is not the final gift that you want to leave them. Even the closest of families will feel tension around a funeral, and doing everything that you can upfront allows your family members and friends to focus on the positive memories and sharing support for each other.

Significant Life Events

Any time you experience a significant life event such as a wedding, purchasing a home, having a child or losing a loved one is a good time to review your personal plans for the future. This could include your will and testament, burial plans and even planning your own funeral. These are times that we tend to be more introspective, and focusing on the path forward and a way to make life easier for our loved ones is a natural fit for these times.

Storing Important Documents

Consolidating and storing important life documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, Social Security card and any military paperwork are important tasks to do throughout your life. If something unexpected happened to you, it may be difficult or painful for others to look through personal effects to find the materials that are needed to ensure a smooth transition to your eternal home.

If you have questions about planning your own funeral, contact our friendly and caring staff today, and we will help guide you through the information and decisions that you will need.

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