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Preparing For Death Of A Loved One

Hospice care exists to provide care and medical services for individuals who have a terminal illness. When a loved one enters hospice care, the medical care they receive will focus is on keeping them as comfortable as possible, not fighting their illness or disease. Time spent in hospice is often time spent preparing for death. If you have a friend or family member receiving hospice care, there are a few things you can do to prepare for their passing.

Spend Time with Them

It can be painful to see a loved one when they are near the end of their life. After the death of a loved one, however, it is common for those grieving to wish they had a bit more time with the person who has passed. Whether your loved one is receiving hospice care in their home or a residential facility, spending time with your loved one in hospice can provide comfort to both of you.

Discuss Funeral Plans

Many people try to avoid discussing funeral plans with a terminally ill loved one. But talking to a loved one about how they would like to be remembered demonstrates that you want to honor their wishes. Knowing what arrangements, if any, have been made in advance can be helpful when preparing for death.

Prepare a Letter of Last Instructions

A letter of last instructions provides family and friends with information that will be helpful after a loved one has died. Typically, it should include funeral preplanning, if any has been done, as well as your loved one’s requests and wishes for funeral services, and burial or cremation instructions. Additionally, it may include a list of friends or membership organizations that should be notified of the death, personal information, and instructions for their estate as well as personal account holdings.

Preparing for death is never easy. Ensuring that arrangements have been made in advance can allow you to spend time being present with your loved one and family during this difficult time. If you have a loved one in hospice care and would like to discuss making advanced arrangements, or have any questions about preparing for death, feel free to contact us. At Mountain View Funeral Home, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

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