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Best Resources for Grief Support on Holidays

Learning to live again after the loss of a spouse or loved one can feel overwhelming. This is especially true during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries or birthdays. These special times are ones that were shared with our other half. Finding something to do can help to manage the grieving process in a positive way. Many families find that planning some activities ahead of time that incorporate friends and family or others who are in a similar situation may be helpful as well. Here are three of the best resources for grief support on holidays and anniversaries. 


Plan a Visit

Visiting a gravesite doesn’t have to be a sad time. However, it can certainly bring up a wide range of powerful emotions. Consider bringing a special gift to your lost loved one on Valentine’s Day. We have seen many widows and widowers enjoying a special treat with their beloved while they spent time in meditation at their graveside. For birthdays and other special occasions, bring along family and friends to share in the memory of your loved one. You can coordinate with friends or the cemetery to release balloons or doves, or to have a shaded area prepared nearby.


Stay Active

If you’re not feeling up to a gravesite visit, what about a more active alternative? Plan a lunch or dinner outing with friends or family members. Some may find watching over children to be a fun way to spend the day and to improve one’s outlook on what the future may bring. A nature hike or active adventure may be just what you need to create a new annual event that you can enjoy in a different way. 


Treat Yourself

Spending time pampering yourself — enjoying a leisurely brunch at a restaurant you wouldn’t ordinarily visit or a spa day — may be just what the doctor ordered. It doesn’t have to be expensive if your budget won’t support it. It could be as simple as visiting a museum you have always wanted to visit, a bubble bath accompanied by your favorite music, or giving yourself permission to take the time to throw yourself at a hobby or project  that has been sitting on the shelf.


At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we understand how difficult it is to lose a significant other who has been an integral part of your life. This year we want to show our love and support for our communities by offering a free Valentine’s Day Luncheon for widows and widowers. For those in-and-around Queen Creek, San Tan Mountain View’s Valentine’s Luncheon will be Wednesday, February 14, 2018, from noon to 1:30 pm. Mountain View Funeral Home in Mesa will host a Luncheon on Thursday, February 15, 2018, from noon to 1:30 pm. As seating is limited, please call to RSVP and mention which day or location you wish to attend.

Want to learn more about our monthly events? Check out our calendar online or call us anytime at 480-832-2850.

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