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Traditional Funerals | Prepare For Weather

When you’re pre-planning traditional funerals, it is next to impossible to ensure that the weather is going to be ideal on the day that your memorial service occurs. If you feel strongly about having a graveside service, or interment, we can help you plan ahead to ensure that your guests stay dry while they attend your final goodbye.

Peace of Mind

Pre-planning your funeral allows your family the time and space that they need in order to grieve. Instead of having to make difficult decisions during an emotional time, they can instead follow your wishes and there is no conflict within the family as they wonder what your preferences would have been for music, cremation versus a traditional service and the hundreds of other important questions that will arise during the process of planning a funeral.

Indoor or Outdoor Service?

While most traditional funerals are held indoors except for the interment, there are no hard and fast rules that say you have to hold your memorial service indoors. Individuals who love the outdoors can choose to have their service in a variety of settings. Consult with your professional and courteous funeral director for ideas and suggestions that can bring a touch of the outdoors inside if the weather turns nasty.

Beautiful Mesa Funeral Homes

While we are fortunate enough to have beautiful weather most of the year around Mesa, there are times when we need to make alternate arrangements due to inclement weather. Traditional funerals often are held in our peaceful funeral facilities with interment at either out onsite cemetery or in another local cemetery. While it’s not possible to move an interment inside, we can work with you to ensure that your guests will be as impacted as little as possible by the elements during your service.

From our 12 magnificent Memorial Gardens to the respectful care that you will receive from our staff, you’ll find that Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is truly the best in the Valley. Contact us today to learn more about customizing a memorial service that will let you say your final farewells in style.

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