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trusted funeral homeTechnology has infiltrated everything that we do – from the way we pay for groceries to how we chat with our friends. It was inevitable that it would also find its way into our end of life ceremonies as well. While technology is wonderful for many things, you may not be comfortable with how to integrate it into your memorial service. Fortunately, when you are working with a trusted funeral home such as Mountain View Funeral Home, you have a staff that will help you with your funeral service arrangements and how you can tastefully include modern technology and other personal services in a way that will enhance the service – not detract from it.

Memorial Websites

It seems that every business (and many individuals!) have a website these days. They are created for weddings, baby showers, and even for giving tribute to those who have passed. Memorial websites provide a way for friends and family to leave lasting messages of love and tribute to those who are no longer with us. They can also serve as a moving personal testimony of a life well-lived. Incorporating video tributes, poem, personal stories and a thoughtful biography are what makes a memorial website a meaningful and personal.

Video Tributes

When you are planning a memorial service in partnership with your trusted funeral home, you have the option of creating a video tribute to your loved one. This could include a collage of photos and videos which may incite touching stories of the deceased in a highly visual way. For those who are house-bound or geographically unable to attend the service, the memorial service can be live-streamed via the Internet. Technology can be a beautiful way to integrate rich sight and sound into your service or viewing ceremonies.

Memorial Keepsakes

When a family member is cremated, it may feel even more final than a burial feels. However, families have a unique way to keep a small part of their loved one close through keepsake jewelry, which can hold a small portion of cremated remains. This is an excellent option for families with many children or a close extended family, as individuals may all receive a keepsake for remembrance.

Working with a trusted funeral home such as Mountain View Funeral Home means that you will have someone by your side as you make the decisions that will provide peace and remembrance for years to come.

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