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Urns for Ashes

urns for ashesWhen the burial for a loved one involves cremation, most family members elect to purchase an urn to store all or a portion of the ashes. This purchase may have been made by the loved one in advance as part of a prepaid burial and funeral arrangement. If this is not the case, our staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery can help you select from a variety of urns for ashes to help you memorialize the departed in a special way.

Urns for ashes are available in various themes including religious, veteran, nature, hobby, pets, and infant (for a child’s ashes). Urns are also made from a diverse assortment of materials. Some of these choices include the following, along with care instructions for each example:

  • Ceramic: Avoid placing ceramic urns for ashes in low places. Select a sturdy table top. Use a dry, soft cloth to remove dust…no water or liquid is needed.
  • Wood: Avoid placing in direct sunlight, use a soft cloth to clean the exterior and every three months, use a little furniture polish.
  • Metal (brass, copper, pewter, bronze): Avoid direct sunlight and damp cloths. Use a soft cotton cloth to gently clean.
  • Cloisonné (handcrafted from enamel and brass):  Be very careful by using a moist, soft cloth over the cloisonné to remove most surface dirt. Avoid acid, solvents or abrasive cleaners. Gently finish with a silver cloth.

When Selecting Urns For Ashes

At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we recommend a number of considerations when selecting urns for ashes starting with the size of the urn. You want to think about where you might place the urn as that will have an impact on the size. You may want to take measurements of the location to ensure that the urn you select will fit properly. Location suggestions for urns include bookcases, glass-front cabinets, and fireplace mantels. You can also place urns in a mausoleum. Wherever you decide to place the urn, take care that it the urn will be in a safe place where it can not fall or be knocked down.

The ultimate selection of urns for ashes is really a matter of personal choice. Some people choose urns based on their home decor, while others choose materials and designs based on what reminds them of their loved one. However you choose, please know that our staff at Mountain View is here to help and provide you with the utmost in care and compassion.




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