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Veteran Funeral Benefits

veteran funeralThose who serve in the Armed Forces give their all in service to their country, and the government wants to assure that a veteran funeral honors a deceased veteran properly. Creating a service befitting their status is an important last way to honor the time the veteran spent serving. There are certain benefits that veterans are eligible for by law, and some families may not even be aware that they are available. If you have a veteran in your family, it is important to be informed of their rights during the funeral and burial process.

Burial Benefits

There are over 130 national cemeteries in the United States. Veterans are permitted space in any of them or they may be buried in a cemetery of their choosing, such as Mountain View Cemetery here in Mesa, Arizona. Veterans are also entitled to other veteran funeral benefits including a burial flag, Presidential Memorial Certificate, and government headstone or marker if buried in a national cemetery. If the deceased chose to be cremated, their remains are treated with the same dignity, honor and allowance as remains in a casket. It is important to note that although some of the traditional funeral expenses are at no cost to the family, additional services by the funeral home or crematory will be at the family’s expense.

Spouses and Eligible Dependents

Spouses and eligible dependents may also be buried with the veteran, with their names added to the veteran’s headstone at no cost to the family. This honor is available even if the spouse or dependent predeceases the veteran.

Advance Preparation for Burial 

Gravesites in national cemeteries do not allow for reservations and require a copy of discharge papers to determine eligibility. When using our services at Mountain View, our helpful staff can assist you and ensure that your veteran funeral has all of the honor, dignity and compassion that your veteran is due.

Military Funeral Honors

Along with the burial benefits that are available for active duty and retired members of the Armed Forces, a memorial service can be customized to include specific honors to the deceased service member. These include presentation of United States burial flag as well as two or more uniformed military persons, one of whom will come from the veteran’s parent service. Learn more here about the full options available for military funeral honors and details about how they will impact your service.

Ensure your veteran has a funeral that truly captures their sacrifice and contribution to the safety of our nation. Contact our staff here to learn how we can help provide the support and compassion that your loved one and your family deserve.

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