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Ways to Pay for a Funeral

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that you have the necessary funds to pay for a funeral while also protecting your family from possible price changes for services. Unfortunately, when a loved one passes away unexpectedly you may want to consider multiple means of paying for a Celebration of Life and other expenses. Fortunately, there are several ways to pay for a service and the care of your love one.

Paying When Planning Ahead

Funeral Insurance

If you are concerned that the money you have set aside while planning ahead for a funeral will not cover everything, funeral insurance may be the right option for you. Funeral insurance allows you to pay in advance for your selected funeral arrangements. Payments can be made in either a single payment or via convenient monthly payments that are more similar to a traditional funeral policy. It’s important to ensure that the funeral home you select is legally able to offer funeral insurance and set up payment plans.

Lump-Sum Savings

Many individuals work with their funeral home to develop an estimate of the costs that will be associated with their funeral and burial. This sum is then saved or set aside for those final expenses, so they’ll be available to the family at their time of need. While this may cover the majority of costs, there are often unexpected expenses that may not have been accounted for.

Payment at the Time of Services


Many families, in the case of an unexpected passing,  may take out a loan to cover costs as needed. Most funeral professionals do not recommend this option as the idea of paying back a bank with interest can cause added stress and frustration for family members who are already experiencing high emotions.

Splitting the Costs

In cases of larger families or for services of a parent, family and siblings may come to an agreement to split the costs. Even if someone is only able to pay for a single item or expense, or volunteer to make calls, it is good to keep in mind that every little bit counts and will be appreciated. Most funeral homes are able to take payments by phone for those in other counties or states.

Crowdfunding – Fundraising

Crowdfunding, or Sourcefunding, is an effective way to gather small donations that can add up to cover a large portion or even all expenses for a funeral. Fundraising can be online and shared on Social Media Sites, or they can be more hands on by means of a car wash or bake sale.

While there are multiple options for paying for funeral expenses, funeral insurance is perhaps the best route to go. Learn more about the various funding options available at San Tan Mountain View and Advanced Planning Center by calling our 24/7 information line at 480-888-2682. You can also reach us via email at wecaresantan@mvfuneralhome.com.

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