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What Is a Funeral Home?

No one wants to think about having to plan a funeral for a loved one, but death is an inevitable part of life and this final celebration is important to friends and family alike. When you are asked to take on this loving burden, you want to be sure that you’re keeping all considerations in mind. Knowing what is a funeral home and where you can go to get answers can help you have a smooth final goodbye for your loved one. Our funeral directors are standing by to help with last-minute arrangements and to offer guidance for difficult decisions.

What is a Funeral Home

Understanding a funeral home’s place in final arrangements is important, and families should know that they are not alone. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we take pride in our more than 60 years of service to the Mesa community. With funeral gardens available for individuals of a particular faith including Catholic, Christian, Masonic, and Latter-day Saints as well as interfaith areas, you are sure to find a memorial space and garden to your liking. Finding the space is only the first question–determining answers to the various questions coming at you is the challenging part.

Documentation is Critical

If your loved one left behind a will and specific instructions, you are very fortunate. However, many individuals do not leave detailed funeral notes and information about whether they prefer to be cremated or interred, or even leave clues to where to find important documents such as marriage licenses and retirements papers for the military. Pre-arrangement is always best, but these as well as birth certficates are a few of the documents you’ll need to successfully plan your loved one’s final celebration.


If your loved one’s death occurs outside the realm of a nursing home or hospital, you will need to notify the authorities and possibly the coroner as well–even before you notify friends and family members. Have in mind a list of friends that can help make calls for you when the time comes, and this is also a good time to notify your chosen funeral home.

When you consider what is a funeral home, you should not think about it as simply a building. Instead, our family does everything it can to support you and your family during an incredibly difficult time. We hope that you will consider allowing us to support you in your time of need.

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