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Why Choose Cremation? | Some Facts…

why choose cremationThe word cremation may bring up a variety of feelings: mystery, uncertainty and, possibly, discomfort. So, why choose cremation? Many of these doubts are simply due to the lack of understanding of the process and how it is performed. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we want to be sure that everyone understands the various reasons for cremation and why it is growing in popularity not only in the United States,  but around the world. Here are a few facts about cremation that you may not be familiar with:

1. Cremation is taboo in many religions. 

While there are a few religions that do not support cremation, they are far from the majority. There has been a large resurgence in cremation in the past decade, as baby boomers are opting for this practice. While some religions still prefer a church ceremony to a secular service for cremated remains, younger Americans are more likely to identify as spiritual instead of overtly religious – making cremation a more attractive option.

2. The cremation rate has grown greatly in the past ten years.

As recently as 1999, only 1 in 4 families chose to cremate the remains of a loved one. By 2017, nearly half of families will make the decision to have the remains of their loved ones cremated instead of a more traditional in-ground burial.

3. Cremation is cost-effective.

While there are additional costs associated with an in-ground burial, for such things as embalming and viewing, cremation costs are fairly straightforward. Of course, families can choose a traditional viewing and mortuary service prior to cremation, so costs can vary based upon choices that are made.

4. Ashes can travel with you.

In past years, burial plots would be purchased years in advance so you could guarantee that families will be laid to rest together. However, families today are often more mobile so it can be challenging to go see relatives who have already passed. Instead, one reason why to choose cremation is to keep loved ones close no matter where in the country (or the world) you travel.

5. Greater flexibility for the family.

Once your loved one’s remains have been cremated, you have the option of scattering the ashes somewhere that was particularly special such as a nature locale or in the ocean. Ashes can also be buried in a traditional ceremony or they can be stored in urns in the home. You can also opt for a combination of scattering or urn storage for disposition.  This flexibility appeals to many families.

Regardless of your choice, our caring and understanding staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is available to answer questions and offer assistance every step of the way.

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